“Thank you for an amazing birthday party for my daughter, Maisie, today. The adults enjoyed the day just as much as the children. A pony ride and grass sledging to end the day.....wonderful!”.
Kim Parkes
“We had a wonderful time at the Park Farm on Saturday, starting when we arrived and enjoyed a brilliant lunch. We were so impressed with the efficiency and  quality of the food, swiftly prepared and served even though we ordered for six hungry adults! Thoroughly enjoyed the deer safari, lamb feeding and a good chat about the tortoises.  All the visitor facilities were great and we found all the staff very helpful and informative, especially the chap talking us through the 12.15 deer safari (not the tractor driver) A lovely family day out - duly posted on Facebook to spread the word!
Snettisham Park Farm gave us a memorable family day out, so impressed with the set up, well done!  We will definitely come again

Jayne Horton
Farm and Lambing Barns now open
Open 10 am to 3 pm (4pm from Feb)


Lambing time is a great experience for our visitors. This year we had over 400 ewes to lamb. All our ewes lamb indoors enabling visitors to see "lambing live", as well as ewes with newborn lambs at foot taking their first steps - its a truly special experience.

Meet our orphan lambs and get to bottle feed them. This activity is wonderful fun for all ages and everyone can get involved.

Hear from our knowledgeable staff how this years lambing went and how special spring time is down on our farm.

During December, our first flock of ewes are scanned by Ian Beckett so that we knew what to expect during January and throughout February. This is perfect news for visitors during February half term looking to come and watch 'Live Lambing'.

The picture opposite reveals that the ewe from this scan is carrying twins.

Lambing January 2017
Great News! A January scanning session revealed that our first flock of 220 ewes are expecting more than 400 lambs over a four week period. The first lamb is due 12th January.

quads at Snettisham Park 2014

What a surprise!
This brave mum gave us all a surprise by giving birth to quads when we were expecting triplets. Despite the total weight of all four lambs being 15kg, she looked remarkably relaxed (and relieved!) afterwards. All lambs were safe and well.

Paul had a job trying to lift them!......

New Ram Power
This 'Hampshire Down' is one of four of our rams. He will be responsible for tupping a small flock of ewes that will then lamb next spring.